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90 Degree Hose custom factory

From:Xiamen Hosingtech Auto Parts Co., Ltd     Release time:2018-08-28

Overview:Joining your intake pipe to the throttle body assembly, air metering assembly, intercooler, BOV pipe, or turbo inlet/outlet.


  Joining your intake pipe to the throttle body assembly, air metering assembly, intercooler, BOV pipe, or turbo inlet/outlet.

  Custom compressor, intercooler or inlet piping for turbo/supercharged car

  Custom cold air intake for nonturbo car

  Replacement of all factory rubber parts

  These silicone parts can be used in trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, or anything else with an engine.

  90 degree hoses

  Please note the following when you order silicone parts online. Some vendors have started counting the layers of silicone instead of the layers of reinforcement when talking about the ply. For example, a 3-ply reducer has four layers of silicone plus three layers of reinforcement fabric. Some vendors might incorrectly call this a 4-ply reducer because of the four layers of silicone. All of our silicone parts are now of Genuine 4-Ply construction - that's 5 layers of silicone plus 4 layers of reinforcement for 9 total layers!

  Genuine 4-ply Silicone (5 silicone layers plus 4 reinforcement layers = 9 total layers!)

  Installer can cut silicone parts down to fit with a razor

  Heat tolerance: -40° to 392° Fahrenheit

  Burst Pressure: 200 PSI

  Working Pressure: 50 PSI

  Wall Size: 4 mm - 5 mm

  Compatible with antifreeze/coolant

      90 Degree Hose custom factory -  Xiamen Hosingtech Auto Parts Co., Ltd is located in Xiamen, Fujian Provence, the famous tourist city in China, We are a professional manufacture and trade company with auto parts experiences over 10 years, which always offer products with higher quality , higher performance and competitive prices above the average industrial standards. 

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